Family is a union of two people, their union for the birth and upbringing of children. All world religions help to create, strengthen and develop the family. The family is the cell of any state. If a family is destroyed, the state becomes unviable. If individual cells die, sooner or later the whole organism will die.

The main meaning of any relationship between a man and a russian ladies for marriage is in the development of the soul and the increase in love.

Strong is the family in which the couple help each other learn to love and purify the soul. Spouses should help each other overcome dependence on instincts, transform animalistic energy into human and Divine.

One of the most powerful factors in the development of the human soul is the birth of children. A small child cannot give anything except love, and it must be taken care of on all three levels: on the physical, on the spiritual, and on the soul. Love for the child and caring for him turn off all self-interest, help human logic turn into the Divine. The more children in the family, the more love, warmth, care and attention the parent should give. Therefore, a family with several children is, in fact, a school of love.

Formation of the future family occurs first on a subtle plane, on a level of subtle energy subconsciousness. For many years before dating, souls of a man and a woman meet on a subtle level and lay the scenario for joint development. As soon as puberty begins, while invisible for the human eye, without consciousness involved, these souls seek a future husband or wife and meet with them.

To create a family, a large energy package is needed, because family - is primarily a sacrifice, caring, overcoming painful aspects - and this, without energy, is impossible. If a person is accustomed to take, but not give, - the family will fall apart. For a woman willingness to consume, without giving in return caring and affection, is more dangerous than for a man: a woman should be willing to give a lot of energy to children. Family is a woman; it is her energy that determines whether the family will survive or disintegrate.

The basis of a strong family is the friendship between the spouses, which is more important than the sexual side of the relationship. Sexuality is a manifestation of instincts, and friendship is the warmth of the soul, this is true love. If marriage is based only on sexual feelings, it cannot be long-lived. Weaken feelings - there will be treason, and the marriage will fall apart. The more spouses will give love and warmth to each other, the more they will be friends, not lovers, the less they will depend on sexual relations.

One of the reasons for the divorce is sexual compatibility. At the maximum sexual pleasure, it is much easier to forget about God. The further growth of attachment and related aggressiveness inevitably leads to the disintegration of the family or the birth of a sick child.

Through the love of God, the upbringing of one's soul and the change in one's character, one can change one's destiny and future - and, therefore, gain a strong family and family happiness.