Marketing via email (email marketing) is a highly effective online marketing tool that is a great tool for the development of businesses. It's the creation of communications between the customer and the company with the aid by email marketing. 

There is a belief that marketing via email is spam, however it isn't the case. The emails are sent to customers in compliance with the law and only with their prior consent. 

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How do you make use of email marketing?

When you market via email it is your job to provide something helpful to your customer, asking to delete their contacts (their email). Then, you begin a conversation to the person who subscribes. You can, for instance, offer relevant information that the subscriber might have an interest in. You can then give him something else. Like offering a gift or discount offer a purchase or service, and later get feedback. The feedback you receive will allow you to understand the additional requirements and interests of potential clients and develop further methods of communication. Naturally, the strategy is not universal and, depending on the specifics of your brand or business it may be necessary to alter your approach.

What is the best frequency to conduct marketing via email? There isn't a definitive answer to this. It all depends on how your subscribers react to frequency your emails. For example, you could create an effective newsletter via email regularly or only once or twice a month. We suggest experimenting with different types of segments as well as frequency and types of emails. In general, the first welcome email will be sent right after registration, while the second after 1-24 hours, the following one within three days.

How can you solve business issues through email marketing?

Inspire newcomers to make the first purchase of this welcome sequence. To inform the client about the company, its terms of purchase and services. Personalize newsletters and develop the selection of items that are based on the user's browsing past. Conduct a survey . This helps to identify customers and create targeted emails.

To encourage customers who are already buying more by offering a range of products that are similar to them: for example, If a buyer purchased a sofa, send an email with a choice of plaids. Reduce the time to purchase by adding a selection of hyperlinks to product pages in the emails.

Be sure to remind the customer of unfinished purchase with a mechanic that has been abandoned. Maybe the customer did not place an order due to the price or he decided to return to the shop later. It's a good idea to remind him, by letting him know about the items that he might be interested in , and then offering the customer an offer.

Reengage customers who haven't purchased for a while with an email reactivation: Take charge of the customer and determine the reason they haven't made purchases for a long time. offer a personalized assortment of items that match their interests and offer them a discount.